Advanced Rehabilitation at H2O Physio

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Rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgery or injury doesn’t get more revolutionary than this. Imagine stepping into a high-tech glass treadmill that fills with warm water and speeds up your recovery.

H2O Physio’s innovative water-based physiotherapy programmes provide all the advantages of effective exercise in a weightless, supportive environment.

Patients with fractures or sports injuries, following hip replacements or knee reconstructions, find this advanced hydrotherapy offers remarkable benefits.

Sessions can start soon after the operation, which is ideal as even short periods of inactivity result in muscles wasting, and tissue becoming more rigid.

Pain and swelling are reduced; joint movement and flexibility increased; muscles are strengthened; and you’re able to keep fit and avoid weight gain.

One patient reported: “With H2O Physio I was able to recover from knee surgery much faster. I sat around for weeks and desperately wanted to get back to normal.”

Another said: “My foot was crushed at work and after several operations, I was left with walking difficulties and constant pain. H2O Physio has really helped me to rehabilitate.”

H2O Physio recently opened in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.
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