David Harewood – From Birmingham to Hollywood

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The credentials of this talented Brummie have continued to impress right the way through 2017, most recently starring as a major cast member of the hit US TV show Super Girl as Marshan Manhunter / J’onn J’onzz, and a recurring role on The Flash. It’s also hard to forget his powerful performance in 2006 blockbuster ‘Blood Diamond’ in which he co-starred with the likes of Leonardo Di Caprio – it’s safe to say we have a true Brummie in Hollywood.

Despite being a bonefide star in the American TV and movie scene David Harewood continues to show constant interest and input into UK issues and successes via Twitter. Stardom it seems has not changed Harewood from the ambitious young Small Heathan who spent his teen years bartending in town, who was (and is to this day) a Birmingham City FC fan. He has recently opened up on Twitter about a difficult stage in his 20s when he experienced a mental breakdown. He shared intimate details of this and his subsequent sectioning on World Mental Health Day, reminding tweeters of the vulnerablities we all face and the importance of identifying them, as well as being aware that reaching low points in life is nothing to be ashamed of.

When celebrated actor Samuel L Jackson recently commented on Black British actors taking over the American scene Harewood was quick to jump to their defence. Jackson’s point, which has struck a nerve in the British acting community was that American directors have been outsourcing to England as a ‘cheaper option’ but Harewood assures that having worked hard for many years in the industry he is certainly not a ‘cheap option’! He has also put forward his opinion that American directors have been favouring Black British actors (over African American actors) for their skill and also for their detachment from American history, which he explains makes it easier to play a role without the centuries of historical baggage weighing on their presentation of a character.

So, what’s next for David Harewood? We can certainly expect to see more of him in future episodes of Super Girl, and here’s hoping his performance is on the radar of Justice League director Zack Snyder to pave the way for Marshan Manhunter on the big screen!