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Do you know Cliff Richard’s real name? Can you make a beach scene out of tin foil? Can you sing the lyrics to every 80’s rock ballad?

If so, then it might be worth trying your luck in one of the numerous local pub quizzes that take place each week. Round up your similarly knowledgeable and talented friends on any of the following nights.


Fighting Cocks, Moseley (8pm, £1)

Loco Lounge, Kings Heath (8pm, £1)

The Pear Tree, Kings Heath (8pm, £1)

The quiz at the Fighting Cocks is run by Ben and Tom whose motto is ‘taking silliness seriously’. The challenges as interactive and inventive as possible, including the regular ‘banana round’, where teams have to craft something out of a banana. They also raise money for charity – in December they raised £420 which was spent on sleeping bags for homeless people.


Prince of Wales, Moseley (8pm, £1)

Patrick Kavagnah, Moseley (8pm, £2)

Bring your smart phone along for either of these quizzes, which both use technology instead of pen and paper to record and calculate your answers via a free app.


Hare and Hounds, Kings Heath (8.30pm, £1)

One Trick Pony Club, Moseley (8pm, £2)

Bohemian, Moseley (8.30pm, £1)

Emily, who runs the quiz at One Trick Pony Club, explains that the winners walk away with the cumulative entry fees, so the more people that play, the bigger the prize pot. There are also smaller prizes for other rounds, such as a bowl of nachos for the team who creates the best tin foil sculpture.

Thursday and Sunday

The Red Lion, Kings Heath (9pm, £1)

The Red Lion quiz is accompanied by a raffle – if your ticket is drawn you get the chance to play an extra game of Play Your Cards Right (Thursdays) or Open The Box (Sundays) for a special prize.

Other pub quizzes are available! Ask at your local for details.

by Alexandra Taylor