Good Kids Comedy

The MY Magazines catch up with Kieran Ahern & Tom Dowling aka GOOD KIDS COMEDY the UP-AND-COMING BRUMMIE DUO

They can sing, they can act, they’re very funny guys and we had a blast talking to this pair about mostly nonsense.

How did this duo start?

K: Well Tom and I have known each other since we were.. four years old?

T: Yeah about four years old

K: And we went to school together, university together.

T: Yeah. We acted together throughout school, in year 6 we were both in Joseph and his amazing technicolour Dreamcoat. I played Joseph and Kieran played the Pharaoh, he did a fantastic Pharaoh. We acted all through school, and then at university we both started doing comedy separately and in our final year we did our first show together.

K: Yeah, and then we went to Edinburgh, did some Edinburgh festivals.

T: We did our first show as a duo in Edinburgh in 2015.

K: Yeah, and we’ve just been trying to make each other laugh ever since really.

What inspires you?

K: Two words…

T: (waits) …Boris Johnson?

K: No, two words inspires me.

T: The two words ‘two words’ inspires you?

K: The Two words are ‘two words’.

T: I’m inspired by people like Steve Irwin but not Steve Irwin himself.

K: And I’m very much inspired by the legacy of Steve Irwin.

T: Ok.

K: I love crocodiles.

T: You do.

When does Christmas start for you?

K: Christmas starts for me at midnight on Christmas Eve

T: Fantastic, Christmas starts for me when I take my first bite of a succulent turkey. On Christmas day.

K: Right yeah so-

T: With my family.

K: So the morning doesn’t count?

T: Well actually, we have Christmas dinner in bed, so I wake up to a turkey dinner.

K: Do ya?

T: And then I have my…

K: Actual dinner as well?

T: And then I, yeah, later on I open my presents.

K: You have turkey dinner in bed?

T: Well it’s actually turkey breakfast

K: Right. dyou have turkey dinosaurs?

T: No this is real roast turkey.

K: In bed?

T: 100% in bed.

K: Does it arrive on a sort of machine? Like in Wallace and Gromit?

T: No, we take it in turns as a family to get up and make the turkey.

K: (laughs) I don’t know if you’re joking or not.

T: I think Christmas starts for me about three months after the first Christmas tree goes up in John Lewis. Which is probably 21st Dec.

K: And we’ve just been trying to make each other laugh really ever since (both laughs).

What’s your favourite 90’s jam?

K: Well in 1996 my grandmothermade a delicious blackberry jam.

T: And we’ve just been trying to make each other jam ever since (laughs)… My favourite 90’s jam as a song, was and still is ‘Man I Feel Like a Woman’, Shania Twain.

K: That’s rubbish!

T: No it’s not!

K: My favourite 90’s jam would be uhh, and has always been, ‘Juicy’, by Notorious B.I.G.

T: And it always has been? Since it was released?!

K: Yeah.

T: You listened to it when it came out?

K: Yeah.

T: No way. Nonsense man! You were listening to Steps and S Club 7 when Juicy came out.

K: I think I was listening to the inside of my mother’s womb when juicy came out.

T: Fair enough.

What was the last gift you gave someone?

K: The last gift I gave to someone was, I bought my mother a bunch of flowers

T: That’s sweet, why?

K: No reason. Just to make her feel better. Just to cheer her up cuz I’m a good kid.

T: Kieran bought his mum flowers. The last gift I gave someone,

K: What was the last gift you gave someone, Tom?

T: I gave someone the gift of… the gift of sight, recently.

K: How did that happen?

T: Well. I.. They were in a dark room and I turned the lights on.

K: (laughs)

What were you like in school?

T: What were you really like in school Kieran? Why don’t I say what you were like and you can say what I was like?

K: Yeah.

T: But I want you to say what I was like first cuz I’m gonna be nice about you and you’re gonna be mean about me (laughs).

K: Tom in school was a try-hard faux-intellectual loser who made a fool of himself at every social event possible. Tom what was I like?

T: Kieran was just like an endearing figure for everyone in the year. We met someone in Birmingham city centre recently who joined the school in sixth form-

K: I don’t think you can put this in.

T: And he stopped Kieran in the street, and said ‘Kieran’ he called ‘Kieran Ahern, is that you?’ we’ve been out of school six years, this was probably half a year ago so five and a half years since they’d seen each other last, ‘Kieran Ahern, is that you? Kieran Ahern, I can’t believe it’s you.’ He was so happy he said ‘I can’t believe it’s you. I remember on my first day of sixth form you called me over and you said hello to me, and you made me feel so welcome, and I always felt at home at school after that interaction with you’

K: What a bloke!

T: Mhmm. Can you remember his name Kieran?

K: No.

Do you have anything else to say?

T: I’d just like to say that we’ve just been trying to make each other laugh ever since!

K: And I would like to concur.

T: And given that it’s Christmas time,

K: We just wanna shout out all the good people, and wish them all the best. Merry Christmas, happy Diwali, have a rockin’ Hanukka and a fantastic Eid, all of you.

T: (laughs) And all other major world religious festivals Kieran does not include in his list!

K: And to all the atheists out there, I hope you have a horrible new year!

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