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Advertise with Swan Publishing

We pride ourselves on the quality of our production. Our publications are designed and printed to a very high standard so people are happy to keep it on the coffee table or next to the telephone.  Rather than being wall to wall advertising, the publications provide an excellent balance of community news and general interest content alongside promoting local businesses.

Many of our advertisers are in every issue simply because it works very well for their business, what’s more, our advertising rates are extremely competitive so you get fantastic value for money.

  • Visibility – We put your brand into the hands of c. 40,000 readers
  • Intrusiveness – The magazines go directly into people’s homes.
  • Awareness – New people who need to know about your business move into these areas all the time.
  • Buy Local ethos – People like to support their local economy.
  • Quality – Very high standard of print and production.
  • Keepability – We make them lovely so people can’t bear to throw them away!
  • The magazines are published and distributed every two months.
  • We guarantee that the are hand delivered to to c. 40,000 readers.

Download the distribution map for My Mosley & Kings Heath

Download the distribution map for My Harbone & Edgbaston

Download the distribution map for My Solihull, Knowle & Dorridge

  • The population of the area is virtually all As, Bs, and C1s.
  • Average disposable income in the area is well above average, both nationally and within The West Midlands.
  • Reaching the highest concentration in the Midlands of professionals, business owners, directors, medics and academics.
  • Other key people we reach include senior citizens, retirees, students and families.
Download the rate card
Advertise with Swan Publishing
“I can’t imagine how I could advertise so successfully any other way. The publication targets the clients I want to get to and has produced more work for me than my website and advertising boards put together.”
Andrew Spindley, Workshop 13
“The response from my advert has been phenomenal. It paid for itself within the first few days! What’s more, it’s clear people really trust businesses in these magazines and I’m happy to be part of that community. I’ll continue to advertise here for a long time to come.”
Robin Whiting, My IT Guy
“A cost effective way of promoting our business to a specific neighbourhood. The quality of the magazine is first-class”
Carl Bayliss, TLC Lottery