Local designer makes it to London Fashion Week

/, Moseley/Local designer makes it to London Fashion Week

We love to celebrate the talent that has come from our great little part of the world, it adds to our sense of pride in where we come from, which is why it was such a pleasure to discover the recently blossoming talents of 24 year old local fashion designer Holly Jayne Smith.

Holly went to Billesley Primary School and Swanshurst Secondary School and since then has gone from strength to strength. Not long out of university, this year she represented her own collection at London Fashion week!

Having spent much of her younger years around the arty and bohemian Moseley Village she reflected on how this sweet place played a part in her personal growth and happiness; artistic vision is something she feels has always been inside of her.

Winning Graduate Fashion Week she captured the attention of major brands internationally and prompted praise from the likes of Vogue, Fashion Scout and Phoenix magazine.

But Holly’s bold and daring styles are not all that’s got heads turning. Her design concepts are also thoroughly insightful and truly inspired. The British Council recently awarded Holly with a trip to Morocco to make a collection, and while experiencing the initial culture shock of such a vastly different society she was able to observe the friction of the still remaining traditional Moroccan style in contention with globalisation and modern culture. The collection she made is a fusion of these conflicting social tensions and presents a surprisingly elegant marriage of the two.

“I draw my inspiration from human psychology in social environments and how the decision making part of our brain is influenced by pre-conceived ideas and immediate surroundings,” Holly explained.

Looking into the future Holly shared some exciting plans, next thing on the horizon is starting her own brand – much anticipated by everyone watching this rising star, especially those who have made a concerted effort to buy her collections at their first chance.

For a look at Holly’s journey so far go to www.hollyjaynesmith.co.uk Supporting local is so important to the richness of our society, culturally and economically, so let’s get involved!

Ruby Watson