Up, close and personal with Martine McCutcheon

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After a break of more than ten years from the limelight she’s back with a bang!

You can see her perform at The Core Theatre in Solihull on 18 April and she will also be performing in Redditch on the 17 May if you don’t get to see her in Solihull.

Martine said: “Coming back has been exciting, nerve-racking, scary and liberating all at the same time. Not many women my age get to have a second chance in this industry so I feel incredibly lucky and keep having to pinch myself!

“As a working class girl it’s ingrained in me to make hay while the sun shines so I felt I couldn’t turn down any opportunity and in the end needed to take a break to smell the roses again! I was taking stock of my life, taking care of what really mattered and this album evolved over those ten years.

“During my time out I wrote everything down – well I’ve been doing that since I was nine years old actually. My husband Jack encouraged me to write songs because I love it and that’s just what I did. Then my son Raffy came along and it is really a case of family first and he’s three now so still young enough to take on tour with us so I’m hoping we’ll have time to visit some of the local attractions with him.

“I’m really looking forward to performing in The Core Theatre. I wanted the tour to be of smaller venues so that it would feel more personal – the audience can ask questions and it feels a lot more intimate.”

Martine McCutcheon first found fame as Tiffany Mitchell in Eastenders in the 1990s, before releasing her platinum-selling debut solo album ‘You, Me & Us’ in 1999 containing the No. 1 single ‘Perfect Moment’. West End and TV roles followed and along the way she became the nation’s sweetheart. In 2003, Martine memorably played Natalie opposite Hugh Grant in ‘Love Actually.’

Now 41, happily married, mother of a 3 year old, the time felt right to return to the studio. Martine has co-written most of the songs on the new album ‘Lost and Found’ with her husband, the multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Jack McManus, and she has never sounded better!

Martine is back not only musically; she also reprised her role in the Comic Relief reunion of ‘Love Actually’ earlier this year and has just wrapped a film with Alan Davies called ‘The Bromley Boys.’

However it’s music that’s her main focus. First single ‘Say I’m Not Alone’, is a song like nothing Martine has ever recorded before; big, bold, brash, merging clanging guitars, thumping drums and a hard hitting lyric. Other album highlights include the rocky ‘Any Sign Of Life’, the beautiful ‘Stay With Me’ (which is a duet with Jack) and album closer ‘Rebellion’.

The album is a deeply personal record that deals with everything from relationships to Martine’s debilitating illness that saw her unable to work. “Life brought this album about very gradually,” explains Martine. “It was a really unconscious thing; I started writing the songs at a time in my life when I’d lost everything.”

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