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World Tai Chi Day – one day across the globe hour by hour

Hundreds of cities spanning 80 nations will unite to create a ‘tidal’ hour of Tai chi to celebrate World Tai Chi and Qigong Day on Saturday 25th April.

Tai Chi Stuff, who run classes throughout Birmingham, are co-ordinating Birmingham’s contribution to the event which will be held at the Botanical Gardens from 10.30 to 11.00am.
Tai Chi, a Chinese martial art practised for both defence and health, focuses on spiritual and mental strength. Qigong translates as ‘Life Energy Cultivation’ and is a practice of aligning body, breath and mind.

Used by young and old alike as a means of maintaining health, healing injuries and self-defence, Tai Chi has much to offer the modern world and its hectic lifestyle.
Steve Jones, Chief Instructor and a listed instructor with the World Taiji Boxing Association (WTBA) runs Tai Chi Stuff and urges people to try it for the health benefits. Steve said; “It’s fundamentally about change, flow. Over the years, I’ve seen life changing results in hundreds of members due to the all-encompassing benefits of Tai Chi.

“There are no restrictions on age, current health, or previous exercise and fitness experience. Practising Tai Chi, on a regular basis will almost certainly bring health benefits.”

Tai Chi Stuff’s Harborne classes have members ranging from 12 years old to 94 – Betty, from Moseley, has been a tai chi enthusiast for two years.

The event starts 10am local time in New Zealand, then ripples across the world as each country hits 10am. Birmingham starts at 10:30 due to the Gardens opening times.
Anybody can get involved. Instructors will help people at all levels from complete beginner to people who just want to try it.

The event includes free entry to the gardens for Tai Chi Stuff ticket holders. Call Steve on 07845 981677 or just pop along on the day. You can call the same number to enquire about Steve’s classes.