School’s out for summer…

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…But before you know it September will be here with the start of the new school year.

This is a crucial time for any child, particularly if they are going into year five. This is the time you cannot continue putting off thinking about which secondary school they will go to. We spoke to a local private tutor who gives us a few tips on how to best prepare our children for this next big step in their lives.

Terry Greaves of Primary Plus has a few words of advice:

1. Think about secondary school places now, visit open days and decide if you are going to aim for grammar

2. Be aware standards for grammar schools get higher every year

3. Be aware primary schools do not prepare children for the 11 plus

4. Even the brightest children will benefit from some tutoring to give them the best chance of getting into a grammar school

5. If you are not thinking about a grammar school then starting secondary school with the best possible SAT results will set your children off on the right path

6. Children are streamed in year 7 and rarely move between streams later on

Terry said: “Tutoring need not be seen as hot-housing. Your child may have particular areas they are struggling with and in a busy class environment these can be overlooked. With more individualised personal attention, these areas are tackled helping children to be more confident in all aspects of learning, and that is reflected in the span of children’s ages in our sessions.”

“At Primary Plus we offer a free initial assessment which enables us to give you a clear idea of your child’s potential.”

“If, after that, you decide to bring your child to our tutoring sessions, we will help them improve their performance and confidence.”

Primary Plus is located in the Jewellery Quarter with on-street parking. There are two dedicated teaching rooms that can accommodate up to six children. Teaching sessions are 90 minutes long on weekdays and Saturdays.

Teaching focuses on general literacy and numeracy support, SAT preparation and 11 plus preparation.

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