To tutor or not to tutor that is the question

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In the run up to the SATs in May we enter a critical time for year 6
children as they prepare themselves for secondary school. We spoke to a local private tutor who gives us a little advice on how to best prepare our children for this big step in their lives.

Many parents in Birmingham focus closely on year five of their child’s education to help them reach their full potential in the 11+ exam in September. But year six is just as important according to Terry Greaves of Primary Plus.

Terry said: “If your child is currently in year 6, by now you will know whether he or she is going to a comprehensive, grammar or public school. This is an important time in their lives, moving to secondary school is a major transition and there is still much that can be done to make sure they enter with confidence and are fully prepared.

“At the end of June each comprehensive school holds an exam which helps teachers to stream the children when they start in September. After this there is very little movement between streams for the next five years.

“If you want your child to enter school in one of the higher streams then the next few months provide a small window to help them reach their full potential and set them on the right path.

“At Primary Plus we offer a free initial assessment which enables us to give you a clear idea of your child’s potential. The help of a private tutor at this time can make a huge difference to your child’s experience throughout secondary school, ensuring that he or she enters at as high a level as they are capable of.”

Primary Plus is located in the Jewellery Quarter with on-street parking. There are two dedicated teaching rooms that can accommodate up to six children. Teaching sessions are 90 minutes long from 5pm-6.30pm and 6.30-8pm weekdays and 11.30-1pm Saturdays.

Teaching focuses on general literacy and numeracy support, SATs preparation and 11 plus preparation.

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