What do The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Dusty Springfield all have in common?…

/, Moseley/What do The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Dusty Springfield all have in common?…

…Well apart from being some of the most inspirational and iconic names in music history, they also all played gigs on York Road in the 60s!

Yes, some of the biggest names in the business started off their careers by playing on a small side street in Kings Heath at ‘The Ritz Ballroom’. Unfortunately the site is now reduced to rubble and ash following a fire that broke out in March 2013, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the road for The Ritz Ballroom.

Ken Whittaker and Bob Prew set up ‘Kings Heath Walk Of Fame’ to hold onto and preserve the impressive musical heritage Kings Heath has – with the end goal of purchasing the site of The Ritz and building a new music venue for future generations to perform in. This would include a museum paying homage to those legendary groups who graced the stage years ago and made this site so special.

The Walk of Fame is a non profit organisation, striving to give the community back a piece of its history and provide a platform for its musical future. Other UK cities like Manchester and Leeds have done so well to support music venues that played a significant role in their cultural past and we still have the chance to do the same.

Ruby Watson

If you’re interested
in helping out you can donate however much you wish to at www.crowdpatch.co.uk in the campaign ‘Kings Heath Walk Of Fame’. Alternatively Walk of Fame also hosts regular live gigs and proceeds support the cause. For details about the gigs visit www.kingsheathwalkoffame.org.uk